What to Look For in Backgammon Board Game

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Summer is finally here and you know what it means – garage sale! This is a great time to fill your family’s game shelf by investing in some new games. One downside to buying used games is that there are often missing pieces. If you are new to the board game Backgammon, you may not know what to look for. Take a look at the Backgammon board game checklist below, so you can make sure the game you buy has everything you need.

Board Game

Perhaps the most important thing to look for in a used Backgammon board game is the board game itself. It is usually rectangular or square in shape and will have 12 triangles painted or printed on each side. They are divided down the middle to form two separate playrooms that each have six triangles on each side. The color of the triangle will vary depending on the set. Try to find a set with a high-quality board. After all, the board is the most important aspect of the game and also one that determines the overall quality of your set. Hand-painted wood planks are often considered top quality, but you can often find high-quality boards made of plastic as well. When you see something you like, do it!


It is also often called pawns, stones, chips, men or chess. The Backgammon board game is intended for two players, and the full game will include 15 counters for each player, for a total of 30.  A high-quality set usually includes pieces made of solid material, such as glass or stone. Lower quality, less expensive sets usually have pieces made of plastic.


What is a board game without dice? Like most popular games, your new Backgammon board should include a pair of dice. However, if not, this is no reason to neglect buying a set. Dice can be picked up very cheaply from most stores that sell games. If the rest of the set looks good and the dice are the only thing missing, don’t worry. If you enjoy faster game play, then you can choose two sets of dice or double cubes, which are the same as the dice but with a higher number on each side.

In conclusion

You don’t have to buy everything at once. If you find a board in one place that you really like, most of the rest can be purchased separately. It can be fun to put together your own set when you know everything you need. The Backgammon board game is a great way to pass the time and have fun doing it. Whether you’re looking to start playing seriously, as a weekend hobby or even just something to do once in a while to play with your family, a good set is essential, and now you know what to look for.